"Design. Construct. Elevate."

Construction & Consultant

Transforming Visions into
Architectural Realities.

Construction & Consultant

Collaboration, Excellence,
Client Satisfaction.

Construction & Consultant

Designing Functional Spaces
with Creativity.


Construction & Consultant

  • Aakriti Construction & Consultant is committed to delivering high-quality architectural and engineering services with a focus on design excellence, functionality, and sustainability. The firm values the integration of traditional and modern design principles, creating spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, structurally sound, and harmonious with Vastu principles.

  • The architects and engineers at Aakriti Construction & Consultant are highly experienced and well-versed in the latest design trends and construction technologies. They work closely with clients to understand their vision, requirements, and budget, ensuring that every project is tailored to their specific needs.

  • Vastu consultancy is another core offering provided by Aakriti Construction & Consultant. Vastu is an ancient Indian architectural science that aims to create harmony and balance in living and working spaces. The Vastu consultants at Aakriti Construction & Consultant provide expert guidance to align the architecture and design of a building with the principles of Vastu Shastra, resulting in a positive and energetically balanced environment

"Each new situation requires a new Architecture."

Our Services

Design- Interior Design

Transforming spaces into captivating environments that harmonize aesthetics, functionality, and personal style.

Planning & Supervision

Expertly guiding projects from concept to completion, ensuring seamless execution and meticulous attention to detail.

Vastu Consultant

Blending ancient wisdom with modern design principles to create energetically balanced and harmonious living spaces.

Design. Construct. Elevate.

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AAKRITI Construction & Consultant
"Great architecture is the successful fusion of art and functionality."

AAKRITI Construction & Consultant


Our concept revolves around the seamless integration of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. We believe in creating spaces that not only visually inspire but also serve the practical needs of our clients. Through innovative design solutions and a keen eye for detail, we strive to bring forth environments that are visually captivating, yet highly functional and adaptable. Our concept is driven by a deep understanding of our clients' goals and aspirations, translating them into unique and purposeful architectural designs.

Founding Idea

Our founding idea is rooted in the belief that architecture has the power to shape lives and communities. We are driven by the desire to create spaces that transcend the ordinary, leaving a lasting impact on the people who interact with them. Our founding idea emphasizes the importance of sustainability, social responsibility, and collaboration. We aim to build environments that not only meet the present needs but also have a positive influence on future generations. With a focus on design excellence, integrity, and forward-thinking approaches, our founding idea sets the foundation for our commitment to creating spaces that stand the test of time.

Our Facilitites

Building Renovation,
Building Restoration,
Construction Documentation,
Building Systems Analysis,
Building Code Compliance,
Interior Design,
Concept Development,
Space Optimization,
Color Consultation,
Accessory & Art Selection,
Land Use Planning,
Env. Impact Assessment,
Supervision, and
Vastu Consultant

AAKRITI Construction & Consultant
AAKRITI Construction & Consultant
AAKRITI Construction & Consultant
AAKRITI Construction & Consultant
AAKRITI Construction & Consultant
AAKRITI Construction & Consultant
AAKRITI Construction & Consultant
"Every project is an opportunity to infuse our creative energy and unwavering care into the fabric of design."

AAKRITI Construction & Consultant



Creativity drives our design-centric organization. Every element is thoughtfully considered, and exquisite detailing is our commitment. Our designs are functional, visually captivating, and responsive to both context and international trends.



Understanding people's needs is at the core of our approach. We create meaningful spaces that enrich lives. By listening to our clients and incorporating our expertise, we deliver innovative and user-centric solutions. Our goal is to make a positive impact, inspiring through the built environment.



Attention to detail is our hallmark. We provide comprehensive drawing support, meticulously documenting decisions. Detailed plans and specifications facilitate seamless communication, saving time and ensuring efficient project monitoring. Our dedication to precision reflects our commitment to exceptional results.

"The best way to predict the future is to design it."

Construction & Consultant

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Understanding clients' needs
is our priority.


Valuing Uniqueness:
We appreciate individual
preferences and aspirations.


Open Dialogue:
Actively listening to
grasp clients' vision.


Inclusive Process:
Involving clients from start to
incorporate their requirements.


Essence in Detail:
Attention to detail
captures clients' desires.


Exceeding Expectations:
Delivering personalized
and functional spaces.


Effective Collaboration:
Communication leads to
successful projects.


Lasting Relationships:
Deep understanding builds
trust and connections.


Aligning Long-term Vision:
Bringing clients' dreams to life.

AAKRITI Construction & Consultant
AAKRITI Construction & Consultant
AAKRITI Construction & Consultant
AAKRITI Construction & Consultant
AAKRITI Construction & Consultant
AAKRITI Construction & Consultant
AAKRITI Construction & Consultant
AAKRITI Construction & Consultant

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